Dragons flying on wings of green,
Coming to greet the Fairy Queen.
Invited they are one and all.
To the Fairies own Annual Ball.
Dragons Large and Dragons small.
All are flying to the Fairy’s Ball.
Families of Dragons have been invited.
Some of whom are most excited.
The Fairy Queen will greet them all.
And welcome them to the Fairy Ball.
Leprechauns are preparing dragon meals.
Pixies will serve the meals on wheels.
There will be hay, clover and shamrocks green.
A most special gift from the Fairy Queen.
The meal will be approved by the Trolls.
All will be dressed as Victorian Dolls.
To dance there will be a Fairy Band,
With Musicians all from Fairyland.
I will be the Master of Ceremonies,
This I know will the Dragons Please.
The party will last the night long,
Entertainers will accompany us with song.
Then punctually at the break of day.
All the Dragons will fly away.
I will go home to my large old house,
There I will tell my story to my Family Mouse.
Then I will go to my four-posted bed.
Where I will lay down my weary old head.
In the morning of the very next day.
This, my new poem will come your way.
There are many tales of dragons to tell.
For I am under the Fairy Queen’s spell.

Bernard Shaw

I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.






Numerology is an ancient science that delves into the mystical, vibratory significance of numbers and letters. The most important number you can know about yourself is your Life Path number which represents your soul’s evolution through many lifetimes and its unfolding purpose. By getting familiar with your Life Path number you have a tool to help unlock your potential and meet the challenges you face in everyday life with wisdom and clarity.

What Does Your Life Path Number Mean?


Find out Your Life Path Number: 
Take your month number and reduce it to a single digit. Next, add the numbers of your birthday to a single digit, and then do the same thing with the numbers of your birth year. Finally, add all of three of these numbers together and reduce the sum to a single digit which will be from 1 to 9. If your numbers add up to 11 or 22 then you have a numerology “master number” and these numbers are not reduced to a single digit

Example: Birth date is October 25, 1965; October (1+0=1), 25 (2+5=7) 1965 (1+9+6+5=21). 1+7+21=29. 2+9=11.

So the Life Path number is 11 which is a “master number” and is not further reduced.

ONE: You have the potential to be a great leader for you have the innate ability to implement and execute your imaginative ideas. Express your independent nature, creativity, and ambition. Extremes to be aware of: being either too bossy or too dependent.

TWO: You are a natural born peacemaker and people may often seek you out for advice. You would do well to work in groups where you can best express your open-minded, logical and caring ways of dealing with others. Extremes to be aware of: being overly sensitive and being more passive than active.

THREE: You’re the life of the party and most likely people love to be around you for your wit, outgoing nature, and overall love of life. Focus on developing your artistic talents for you are a wellspring of creativity and passion. Extremes to be aware of: being frivolous with your time and energy and lacking self-discipline.

FOUR: You are practical, loyal, and a hard worker. You can be depended on to plan and see projects through and are often considered a tower of strength and stability to your loved ones. Extremes to be aware of: being dogmatic and stubborn.

FIVE: You have the soul of an adventurer and are an innovative thinker. You enjoy generating new ideas and are often an inspiration to those around you for your daring, progressive ways. You will feel most fulfilled in an environment where you have freedom, have the authority to take risks, and can travel. Extremes to be aware of: being undependable and self-indulgent.

SIX: You have a positive outlook on life and enjoy being a reliable source of support and service to others. You are wise beyond your years, generous, and extremely responsible. You fare well in domestic and care taking situations. Extremes to be aware of: being neglectful of your own needs and being self-righteous.

SEVEN: You are a very intuitive person, a deep thinker, and a bit of an eccentric. You will be most happy working in an environment where you can research ideas and apply your excellent, analytical thinking skills. Extremes to be aware of: being lazy or overly pessimistic about life and others.

EIGHT: You are a driving force when it comes to business and have the innate ability to be powerful and materially successful. You will feel fulfilled in working in an environment where you are independent and have room to realize your ambitions. Extremes to be aware of: being materially obsessed and having a tendency to disregard the feelings of others.

NINE: You are a humanitarian at heart and truly desire that the world be a better place to live for those less fortunate. You will feel most in balance when you express your compassion, intuition, and emotions through artistic pursuits and healing professions. Extremes to be aware of: being negligent of taking care of life’s details and indulging in self-destructive behavior.

ELEVEN: You are an unusual, idealistic, and cutting-edge person. The number eleven is a “master number” and vibrates higher than those numbers preceding it and with your visionary and spiritual wisdom you will feel most fulfilled in a profession in which you provide guidance and inspiration to others. Extremes to be aware of: being lost in daydreams and tendencies towards fanaticism.

TWENTY-TWO: This is the most demanding and powerful of all Life Path numbers. You have the ability to carry out your idealistic visions in a practical manner and will do well implementing those visions for the good of the global community. Extremes to be aware of: being too demanding of yourself and a tendency to act the dictator.